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Show ‘em you’re not boring...

while​ you turn them into qualified leads

Sidestep skepticism with fun, engaging insurance lead generation tools.

Insurance salespeople get a bad rap. You’re seen as either plain-Jane, personality-less policy pushers, OR shark-toothed scaremongers who prey on families’ worst fears.

Only you know the truth: that your work helps protect people & property ​during the times they need protection most.

With leadPops, you can invite your website visitors, email subscribers, and social media followers to get to know you one simple step at a time.​ Easily earn their trust. Give them real value through education. Tell them about yourself. And make the sale when the time is right.

Use leadPops to:

Bring in Unlimited Leads

Bring in Unlimited Leads
Exclusive to Your Agency

Instead of buying tired lead lists or paying for lukewarm referrals, get connected to more of the people who are already looking for insurance and landing on your website.

Double or Triple Your Leads

Double or Triple Your Leads Just By
Asking The Right Questions

It doesn’t make sense to pour more of your marketing budget into ads if your website isn’t doing a great job converting visitors. Instead of ratcheting up your ad budget, plug the holes on your site.

Generate Leads On All Existing Channels

Generate Leads On All
Your Existing Channels

​leadPops quizzes, forms, and lead-gen tools integrate with all the marketing channels you’re already using, from social media to emails to in-person events and more! Our tools cover auto, home, life, business, health, and renters insurance!

Insurance Lead Software Used by More Than 600 Insurance Broker & Loan Officers SUCCESSFUL POLICY SALES ARE BUILT ON TRUST

Turn more visitors into qualified leads

Instead of standing around with a plate of soggy scrambled eggs​ at your local networking breakfast next Saturday, or mailing out another magnet (or calendar, or postcard) to past clients in the hopes of getting more leads...

Why not use what you already have — and use it more effectively?

leadPops help you turn more of your website visitors into excited, engaged leads. ​Pick from our customizable library of tried-and-true quiz templates, forms, and landing pages. Integrate them into your website with a few clicks. And start building trust with your new leads immediately.

How does it work? ​Our plug-and-play tech gamifies the insurance-quoting process.​ ​The psychological principles behind “gamification” have been proven across millions of website visitors in the insurance industry... and you could be the next agent to benefit.

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Convert more insurance leads ​with fun, interactive forms

Turning skeptical website visitors into vaguely interested leads, into engaged prospects and happy repeat clients ALL comes down to the same old chestnut: Know, Like, Trust.

Before you can turn a visitor into a lead, they have to trust you.​ And there’s no better way to build trust than by offering fun, interactive forms that feel less like filling out paperwork, and more like taking a quiz.

leadPops makes the getting-to-know-you process easy and fun, ​with quiz-style insurance quote forms that naturally draw in your website visitors. New leads start the first conversation on their own — which makes it simple to reply with the info they need.

No matter how you choose to start, leadPops sends you instant text or email notifications every time you get a new lead. You can even choose to automatically feed your leads into your chosen email system, and set up a series of emails to qualify them further.

Check Out the Results leadPops Users Get
Digital Insurance Lead Forms

Choose from dozens of ways to ​generate qualified insurance leads

Whether you sell property insurance, casualty insurance, business insurance, or some other type of insurance Elon Musk just invented, leadPops are flexible and customizable enough to work for your business.

Use our plug-and-play tools to generate leads for...

  • Auto Insurance — ​Drive ​new business with a quick “Could You Save?” quiz
  • Home Insurance ​ — A simple quote-generation calculator is an irresistible offer for any homeowner
  • Life Insurance — When leads get in touch with you first, there’s no chance of being unfairly categorized as a fearmonger
  • Business Insurance — Attract motivated business owners who qualify themselves as they get in touch
  • Health Insurance — ​Show interested leads they have more options than they think when it comes to protecting themselves and their families
  • Renters Insurance — ​Not everyone owns a home. Now you can easily capture the nearly 40% of the housing market that rents
  • All of your existing marketing channels, including email, social media, local business listings, and more — just copy & paste the links to your leadPops Funnels!
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Or keep waking up early for networking pancake breakfasts. Your choice.

Is Your Insurance Website Losing Clients ​Left & Right?

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Working with leadPops has been not only a pleasant experience, but has turned into a valuable relationship for our business. Andrew and his team have opened up a door for us to grow our business which has meant a lot to our company. leadPops integration with our website has been seamless and very user friendly, enabling us to capture potential customers that visit our website and turn them into sales at a much higher rate. leadPops understands the market and the insurance shopper; they will certainly be a part of our growth in 2013 and beyond. Thanks for your commitment to our agency.

Chris Manoly, Chief Operations Officer at Mills Insurance
Chris Manoly Chief Operations Officer,
Mills Insurance

leadPops has been great for my agency. Since getting leadPops set up, my commercial business has jumped substantially. I use Google Adwords to advertise my leadPops and the cost is minimal compared to the amount of business I get. I have tried other internet based lead sources (i.e NetQuote, Agent Insider) just to mention a few, and spent lots of money, and saw zero return on investment because 10 other agents get the same lead.

These days, instead of buying leads, I get the best bang for my buck using the same technology and strategies used by the lead generation companies to generate my own leads! That strategy – using Google Adwords to drive qualified traffic to my leadPops lead generation portals – has resulted in over $11K in sales over the last 6 months, and I am spending less than $300 per month total! The great thing about leadPops is every time somebody fills out the form to get a quote you are the only agent that gets the lead!

I have and will continue to recommend leadPops to other insurance agents. If you are going to do internet leads, this is the best company I have found!

Mike Hardman, Insurance Agent at Farmers Insurance
Mike Hardman Insurance Agent,
Farmers Insurance

I have worked with the leadPops Team for about two years now. Their capture portals and marketing consulting have helped grow my agency by over 500 policies in two years. Every day, I have targeted leads in my “inbox”. My leadPops have become my number one market plan for the acquisition of new clients. I also love how Andrew and the leadPops Team are always coming up with new ideas to keep their product the best on the market. Highly recommended to anyone!

Joe Giamanco, Owner/Insurance Agent at North County Insurance
Joe Giamanco Owner/Insurance Agent,
North County Insurance

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